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"Add to my likes" and "Add to Cart "can be delivered in priority.

Follow Store to get discounts.

Complimentary related gifts.

thank you!.

Can be spliced with large bed, convenient to take care of the baby, bearing capacity is strong, soft and hard moderate.

It's the best choice for the baby.

Brand: GC.

Origin: China.

Material: alloy.

Style: European style.

Features: roller, mosquito net, safety belt, foldable, portable, playbed, height adjustable, rocker.

Splice bed, diaper table.

Product Name: Portable multifunctional folding crib.

Expansion size: 110cm*76cm*77cm.

Folding size: 23cm*20cm*80cm.

Product weight: 10KG.

Applicable age: Level 1:0-6 years old; Level 2:0-3 years old.

Main material: alloy/Oxford cloth /PP plastic.

Bearing standard: the first layer: 60KG; The second layer: 20KG,(Note: different accessories for different styles) Packing list:.

Original mattress, travel bag, fixed strap, mosquito net, shelving, music bell, diaper stand, rocker .

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