Everything i know about marketing i learned from google

Mô tả ngắn: Công ty phát hành: McGraw-Hill, Nhà xuất bản: McGraw-Hill, Ngày xuất bản: 2010-08-05 07:00:00, ISBN-13: 9780071742894, Kích thước: 23.1 x 16.0 x 3.3, ...
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Công ty phát hành McGraw-Hill
Nhà xuất bản McGraw-Hill
Ngày xuất bản 2010-08-05 07:00:00
ISBN-13 9780071742894
Kích thước 23.1 x 16.0 x 3.3
Loại bìa Hardcover
Số trang 341
ISBN-10 9780071742894
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Want Market Share? Google It!

Google is a once-in-a-generation company. Aaron Goldman has written an essential book that goes beyond telling us how Google became so important to explaining why the revolution its leading will affect everyone in media and marketing. Brian Morrissey, Digital Editor, Adweek

An insightful tour of the elements that have made Google successful combined with a usable guide on how to apply this learning to your business. Rishad Tobaccowala , Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Vivaki

About the Book

You know youve hit it big when your name becomes a verband no one knows that better than Google. In just over 10 years, Google has become the worlds most valuable brand, consistently dominating its category and generating $6 billion in revenue per quarter.

How does Google do it? In a word: marketing.

You may not think Google does much marketing. Indeed, it doesnt do a lot of what has traditionally been viewed as marketing. But in todays digital world, marketing has taken new shapeand Google is at the cutting edge.

In Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Google, digital marketing expert Aaron Goldman offers 20 powerful lessons straight from Googles playbook. Taking you deep into the inner workings of the Googleplex (which are simpler than you think), Goldman provides the knowledge and tools you need to build and grow your brand (which is also simpler than you think).

Along the way, he shows how Googles tactics are being used by a wide range of successful corporations, from Apple to Zappos. Key principles include:

  • Tap into the Wisdom of Crowds: Get the signals you need directly from your customers
  • Keep It Simple, Stupid: Craft messages people can grasp in a nanosecond and pass along
  • Dont Interrupt: Join the conversation but avoid disrupting it
  • Act Like Content: Provide value, not sales pitches
  • Test Everything: Take no detail of your program for granted; you can always improve
  • Show Off Your Assets: Distribute your brand everywhere

The beauty of it all is that these Googley lessons can be applied to every aspect of marketing, in organizations of any size. Whether you run a PR department in a multinational corporation or serve as the sole marketer in a small business, these tactics work.

In its mission to organize the worlds information, Google has rewritten the book on marketing. Use Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Google to remake your own organizations marketingand engage more customers than ever.

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